Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Made It into a Soon-to-Be-Viral Video!

The power of the #etmooc in joining together everyday strangers around the globe with a passion for learning gives me such an adrenaline rush! I have to admit it!

I began to get an inkling of this internal high as my PLN grew on Twitter over the years and random names and faces offered me ideas, resources, and insight.

But how do you explain that to someone who just doesn't get it?!

Then I joined a little online class that was free and intrigued me... #etmooc... For those of you who aren't familiar, it is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) on Educational Technology... Sooooo the best online course I've taken!

Over the past couple of weeks, being Connected has been the topic of discussion and such a simple pop culture phenomena as the lip dub possibly explains my fascination of having a PLN better than any words I could write... Consider that in less than 1 week, well over 50 of us from around the globe came together with one common goal... That's the recipe for problem solving, collaborating in the true sense of the word, and establishing relationships where learning is a fantastic byproduct. So blessed to be living in this day and age!


  1. From another lip-dubber, I totally agree with you. I feel blessed to be a part of etmooc and to be able to learn through our generous network. Your enthusiasm for learning comes through in your blog and in your clip. when I saw your smiling face I thought"there is a person I would like to work with"

  2. Christy: It was so much fun. I agree with you. We are doing so many amazing things in such a short time. Love it! Great to be working in a community of people who are so willing to contribute! Love your creative play on words at the top of this post.