Friday, September 23, 2016

Be More Dog #IMMOOC

As of yet, I am completely inept at foretelling the future. However, I plan out my day, my work, my vacations, and even the grocery shopping with an almost absolute certainty. I am often well-prepared, calm, and equipped for the tasks before me. Except when I'm not... Because life happens, there are unforeseen variables, and people don't always operate on my schedule.

I'm faced with change... And my perception of change and the possibilities or opportunities that I choose to embrace as a result will have a great impact on what happens next.

And so... I want to "Be More Dog."

And as an educator... I want that for students, teachers, administrators and the system as a whole. Changes, though often scary, can reap benefits far beyond the obvious. And let's face it... we really are helping students develop skill sets for an unforeseeable future.

Embrace the change! Go Dogs!