Saturday, January 26, 2013

I have something to say! -- What is it?!

No, I am not entering the early stages of dementia or Alzheimer's yet... I am, however, reflecting on the crazy of my life since the New Year began and feeling two things:

Overwhelmed and Excited!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I entered the Twittersphere several years ago to ultimately expand my knowledge base around my (for lack of a better word) job. I love my vocation (labeled Instructional Technology Consultant) because it speaks to my God-given love and desire of teaching and envelopes it in my enthusiasm for "the latest and greatest" in the tech tool world.

My Twittersphere

I grew my one-sided Professional Learning Network or PLN (is that really possible? -- I'm speaking of my "lurking" syndrome) to a comfortable/manageable level--a hundred or so "experts" in my field that I found to offer thought processes similar to mine and who apparently had way more time than I did to stamp down their digital presence by sharing "new-to-me" tools and ideas.

Exactly when did that stop fulfilling my professional growth need? I can't put a finger on it...

All I know is that in the middle of the crazy, I, with no prompting, no grad course ahead of me, the guilty of crying "I hate online courses!" randomly and suddenly clicked on a link and registered for #etmooc.

What?! I signed up with no pay for a 10 week online course!?

Yep! And I can't keep up with the adrenaline rush!!!!

Granted, moocs are different and the almost 100% student-centered approach is what gives me an almost personal relationship with oh, I don't know, 1700+ participants!

Yes, you read that right! LOL! And I already love these people! Some are those PLN "experts", some are pinching themselves to discover they are enjoying the process, some are so overwhelmed they are paralyzed, but most find their fit and feel the excitement...

What will my learning outcomes be? That will continually be revealed long after the course is over, I'm sure, but I see a huge shift in my PLN. Did you notice I initially defined it as Professional Learning Network? I find a peace and comfort in the reality of my Personal Learning Network.

Connection matters!

Your turn...

Let's CommuniCATE!


  1. Christy,
    Nice post! I love to read your enthusiasm. It pours out of your words.

    I'm glad your PLN is becoming more personal as you dared to join #etmooc and start digging that digital footprint a little deeper by contributing more. Thanks for sharing!


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  3. Thanks for sharing, Christy. I too have had a (mostly) one way "PLN" on Twitter and found myself opening it less and less until recently several colleagues mentioned that I had not been tweeting. I didn't think anyone was listening! They were, but just lurking like me. I just recently joined #etmooc and am trying to catch up but am looking forward to the relationships and learning.
    My blog: Lunchbytes