Thursday, November 6, 2014

Great Googly Moogly! It was a Monster Match!

I had such a great time on Oct. 30 after being invited into a Google Hangout between classes at two of my districts (Clyde ISD and Merkel ISD in Texas) about 35 miles apart. (Merkel would also have a classroom that did Monster Match with a class in Highland ISD.)

Fifth grade students had a blast creating monsters and then using their English/Language Arts TEKS for process writing through the sharing of a Google Doc. It didn't hurt that this Halloween-themed option was just plain fun!

Listening and speaking skills were also covered as the students revealed their monster challenge of recreating another class's monster through Google Hangouts.

Below is a Google Slides presentation of the lesson plan and process... Here is a link to the scrolling presentation as well...

NOTE: Merkel fifth graders enjoyed the fact that their monsters and stories were part of a Haunted Hallway for Pre-K and K students on Halloween. Monsters were accompanied by ooey-gooey items of spaghetti, grapes and gelatin.

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  1. Awesome job Clyde, Merkel, and Highland! Way to Flatten those walls and Create, Collaborate, Communicate and Critically Think! Thanks for sharing Christy Cate!
    @christycate @trudy_little